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To Calculate The Misunderstanding Of The Wireless Miniature Camera

2018-10-14 14:45 News Reading

Shenzhen DareTang Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 21, 2017
1, the higher the pixel the better
Consumers may think that the higher the pixel of the wireless micro-camera, the better the camera is different from the digital camera, it is not to shoot still images primarily, but mainly for the network video interaction, while the USB interface and computer transfer data. At present, the mainstream USB interface is 1.1 specification, the transmission data is limited, in 640x480 mode just can meet 25 frames of data transmission bandwidth requirements, if more than this resolution can only be used for higher USB2.0 interface and higher compression algorithm, currently USB1.1 Maximum can transmit 800x600 video image.
We often say how many megapixel cameras, refers to the camera's image resolution or resolution, in practical applications, the higher the camera pixels, the better the image quality, the selection of camera pixels is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of the camera, so businessmen often advocate high pixel to win the favor of consumers.
Note: If someone says that his camera is 1.3 million pixels, then he will have a $number x1024 resolution, or the merchant is lying.
2. All-Glass lens
Now the market's camera is basically said to use the full glass lens, the effect is outstanding; glass lenses cost-effective than plastic lenses. But the market is mixed, domestic glass lens manufacturers often adopt low-cost strategy to increase market share. When the market price is close to or below the cost, in order to control costs, increase profits, only shoddy, jerry-building or reduce production procedures such as not coating or part of the coating to maintain survival, resulting in a downward spiral of product prices, product quality continues to reduce the vicious cycle. Even more direct use of plastic lenses to fudge consumers. The relative aperture of glass lens and plastic lens is flammability. 8 The relative aperture of glass lens is f=2. The relative aperture of 0 glass lens is f=2.0 plastic lenses have a relative aperture of f=2.2 Plastic lenses low illumination environment picture speed performance (rate) 13-14fps/s 9-10fps/s 5-6fps/s 2-3fps/s
3, foreign, only talk about CMOS sensors, not to say image processor
It is often heard on the market that his camera uses American or Korean chips to lure consumers into buying, but what they're talking about is the camera's image sensor (sensor), and the camera's core brain digital signal processing chip is not known or blind, because sensor is only to collect images used, regardless of the backend DSP is what will be used to sensor, but the DSP processing effect is completely different.

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